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Churnet Valley Veterinary Clinic Price list

Churnet Valley Pricing Policy

At Churnet Valley Vets we charge realistic professional fees.

We don't try to attract clients by having the lowest vaccination prices, or 'great deals' on certain items. This can lead to hidden costs elsewhere (e.g. huge profit margins on drug sales or disproportionately expensive medical/surgical work).

When your pet is vaccinated you are paying for not only a vaccination, but, where possible, an examination and a chat about your pet's health, by an experienced veterinary surgeon who has practised small animal medicine for over 20 years.

Similarly, when your pet has surgery, it is carried out by a highly skilled and experienced surgeon. We only employ qualified veterinary nurses to look after your pets during their stay at the clinic.

We take our continuing professional development very seriously and your vet spends a considerable amount of time studying on professional courses and reading journals when not doing clinical work. This is costly in time and money but helps to improve your pet's treatment.

Price List June 2015  

Consultation 1st


Consultation 2nd


Consultation 3rd


Children’s Pet


Consultation Drug check


Consultation Rabbit/Exotic


Cat Castration


Cat Spay


Rabbit Spay


Rabbit Castration


Bitch Spay <10kg


Bitch Spay 10-24kg


Bitch Spay 25-39kg


Bitch Spay >40kg


Dog Castration <10kg


Dog Castration 10-24kg


Dog Castration 25-39kg


Dog Castration > 40kg



Common Surgical Procedures


Pyometra bitch

500  upwards

Hip scoring under BVA/KC scheme

182.02- 194.98

Cat thyroidectomy


Radiograph (X-ray) 1st plate

57.90 plus
sedation/anaesthetic fee

Cruciate surgery



Dog Vaccination
1st 26.06      2nd 26.06
If both vaccines paid for at 1st
visit price is 49.80
Dog Booster 33.59
Kennel Cough 24.32

Cat Vaccination Flu/Enteritis
1st 24.32       2nd 24.32
If both vaccines paid for at 1st
visit price is 46.33
Flu/Enteritis Booster 27.80

Cat Vaccination 4 in 1
1st 33.01       2nd 33.01
If both vaccines paid for at 1st
visit price is 63.97
4 in 1 Booster 39.37

Rabbit Vaccination
Myxomatosis plus
Viral Hemorrhagic Disease 30.78

Microchip  18.50

This practice has a policy of checking all animals prior to surgery.  Each animal receives a 2 stage pre-surgical pain relief and full anaesthetic monitoring by a qualified veterinary nurse.  We optimise safety by using intravenous catheters on all patients and Isoflurane, the safest anaesthetic for pets.  When possible, soluble stitches are used.

Please ask for estimate of the procedure your pet requires.

All vaccinations include a full examination and discussion about your pet's health.

We believe in charging realistic professional fees whilst keeping drug prices as reasonable as possible


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