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Well, for a start, at Churnet Valley we believe that the best care for your pet can be achieved when owner, vet and nursing staff work together. We aim to know our patients and their owners individually and to offer the continuity of care that your pet and you both expect and deserve.

We only employ qualified veterinary nurses. These nurses answer the telephones as well and are willing to give you professional free advice about your pet.

We believe our strengths are:

  • As a small practice we can guarantee (annual leave excepted) that you will see the same vet each time you come so that you have continuity and consistency of treatment for your pet - there is nothing more frustrating than having to tell the same story to a different vet every time you attend!

  • You get to know the staff, and we get to know you!

  • We offer email support following consultations, and we always actively follow up our cases

  • We use a dedicated out of hours service - they are specialists in emergency situations, a sort of animal A&E.  If you have any concerns out of hours you don't have to worry about waking a vet who, you know, has been working the day before.   The staff at Vetsnow are up and working all night and are only too happy to allay your fears or give you advice to get you through the night until we are open in the morning.  Likewise they will see and treat your pet if necessary.

  • We take continuing education and personal development for all our staff very seriously - our vet and nurses frequently give up their weekends and evenings to attend training courses on all aspects of veterinary care.

  • We run a modern well-equipped surgery and constantly update both our working practices and equipment in order to maintain the highest standards of care.

  • We have surgeries until 6.30pm Monday to Friday so that our clients can make appointments after work any weekday.

  • We constantly ask for and welcome feedback on our practice, we believe that you, the client, are the best placed to tell us how we can improve our service

We hope this website gives you an insight into the kind of practice we run. The whole team is dedicated to the very best healthcare for your pet in the friendliest atmosphere. We know we can always improve and any suggestions would be welcome.

So please spend some time on our website and any questions you may have, please don't hesitate to call us on 01538 360222 or email us.


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