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Jasper Stoddart was camera shy but we're sure that won't last for long!

Life looked grim for poor 6 year old Gizmo when his owner went into a care home.  But you could say he has landed on his feet due to the kindness of Sarah Craythorne and Matt Shingler who have taken him into their home

Millie Moo looking remarkably well after her operation

Bobby Davies is so handsome!

Kitten time!  Evie and Willow Clowes are 9 week old doll faced Persians

What an awesome puppy!  Alfie Henshall is a young bull terrier.  The Henshall family have recently lost their other bull terrier, Oscar, but young Alfie is keeping them busy

Alice Leonard is complaining that she has not been given time to do her hair and put on her make up before we took her photo...

Bam Williams is full of life and is keen to be up and at 'em!  She has recently had to be admitted to the emergency vet service as she had a serious gastric bug, but she is fully recovered now.

Young Blue Bowyer is feeling a bit intimidated with all the attention he is attracting!

Gerry Bateman came into the vets a poorly little boy - he was taken home by Debbie the nurse overnight for 24 hour care.  He's better now thankfully

Lovely photos of the Lewis family of French bulldogs - Pie, Boris, Billy and Betty

A lovely photo of Two Socks, Sioux and Jess enjoying their day out on the North Wales Coast.

Thank you to Mr Hobson for sending in this picture.

Lola Reeves is just 8 weeks old and already has attitude!  Mr and Mrs Reeves tragically lost their dog Roxy at a young age.

Colonel was very well behaved on his first visit to the vets - at eight weeks old there's time for that to change!!

Jerry is a 10 week old German Shepherd Dog puppy - it's such a shame his ears won't stay like that!

Rudy is a lovely Staffie - this is her first visit to Churnet Vets and she won lots of fans!

George Dunn - 8 week old British Bulldog, slept through the whole
waiting room noise!

Bella and Daisy Mc Murdo (Daisy is the white one) both are very chilled out at 4-5 months old.

Bobby Taylor was very relaxed after his lunch during his stay in hospital. He is all recovered now!xx

Archie and Maisie Biswas enjoying the rare sunshine...

Help, get me out - young Pie Lewis

Ellie Chadwick aged 5 months - miniature schnauzer is teething, ah!!

We're good friends now....



Pat was about to remove a wing from this barn owl and then he started using
it again!


Ahh!  Our very own Minky 


10 week old DollyRoach was very well behaved when she came in for a weigh in and worming 


Belle and Flo are sisters, their owners are sisters too! 


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