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bluelawson.jpg (38144 bytes)

Blue Lawson has been behind the wheel  for some time now and has just put in for his advanced driving test....

lucyevans.jpg (42536 bytes)

Lucy is a beautiful 9 week old shih tzu pup - she's going to get a lot of love with her new family.

oscarcarter.jpg (38686 bytes)

Oscar Carter was in to visit us at the vets - he is litter mate to Alfie Rowe and Scout.  Quite a family affair.









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alfierowe.jpg (19410 bytes)

Alfie Rowe was very relaxed on his first visit to the vets

shelbyrambo.jpg (23481 bytes)

Rambo, the dogue de Bordeau, has his own jack russell puppy called Shelby - guess who's going to be boss

Scoutetheridge.jpg (32663 bytes)

Scout could get away with anything with those beautiful eyes..

poppymeakin.jpg (26116 bytes)

Katy with her new best friend, Poppy, a 10 week old Norfolk terrier/Jack Russell cross.

bertieandalfie.jpg (21816 bytes)

Alfie and Bertie are two beautiful labrador pups - it's hard to believe they are only 11 weeks old, they are whoppers!








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daisymaisiemilly.jpg (37253 bytes)

Hear no evil, Speak no evil, See no evil - Daisy, Maisie and Milly

doris2.jpg (37423 bytes)

Doris, a 9 week old wire haired fox terrier, is a little monkey according to her mum and dad - she looks a picture of innocence to me!

Tia.jpg (45410 bytes)

Little Tia came in today for a social visit and weighing - she was the runt of the litter but is thriving well now.

sasha crimes.jpg (24529 bytes)

Sasha is a 5 month old schnoodle.  For the understandably confused, that is a cross between a schnauzer and a poodle, aka fluffy bundle of fun.

georgegrattage.jpg (24076 bytes)

George, a 6 month old salt and pepper Schnauzer, has just had his first haircut.  Megan, his owner, shows him off for the camera - he's very handsome.







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sophiephillips.jpg (22470 bytes)

Sophie is a Pyrennean sheepdog - a real sweetie!

parrishkittens.jpg (78386 bytes)

These two British shorthair kittens are bred by one of our clients - check out more photos on www.pardilleobritishcats.co.uk 

evedabell.jpg (22908 bytes)

Eve is a Leonberger pup - The Leonberger dog was created in the 1840’s to resemble the lion of the Leonberg town crest.   Eve's owner breeds them locally.

lucyrichardson.jpg (25194 bytes)

Little Lucy's dad is a miniature poodle and her mum a jack russell - making her a jackapoo!

louieibbs.jpg (20272 bytes)

That bundle of fluff is 9 week old Louie, a shih tzu pup - just adorable!








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tiaevans.jpg (18848 bytes)

8 week old Tia, on her best behaviour, so cute!

lennyrimes.jpg (19126 bytes)

Size doesn't matter, according to 7 weeks old Lenny!


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