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peggybriggs.jpg (46171 bytes)


Little Peggy Briggs is a 9 week old bundle of fun!

tonks.jpg (43544 bytes)


Tonks is having such fun - keeping his new owners on their toes

jethroball rosette.jpg (45553 bytes)

jethroball.jpg (35762 bytes)


We are very proud.

Jethro ball, a giant Schnauzer, won Most Handsome Dog and Best in Show at an amateur dog show in the Midlands this month.

And just to show that it has not gone completely to his head, we have included a photo of him looking a little less scrubbed up, out shopping with his mum.

georgetaylor.jpg (32424 bytes)


7 week old George Taylor decided it might be a good idea to be on his best behaviour on his visit to see the man with the big needle!

stormsalt.jpg (35360 bytes)


Storm's mum sent us this photo after he had had a fight with a yoghurt pot and lost!

coco.jpg (50836 bytes)


No, it's not a teddy bear - it's young Coco Rhead, a 13 week old Bichon Frise

sammygerrard.jpg (38056 bytes)


Sammy Gerrard, a nine week old shih tzu, with his proud new owner

gusandross.jpg (33974 bytes)


Little and Large - young Gus and Ross

bertiepointer.jpg (49245 bytes)


Bertie is a 9 week old English Pointer - such a handsome fellow!












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jackshelton.jpg (44236 bytes)


Jack Shelton is a cute cocker - just 8 weeks old

chanceshadow.jpg (37959 bytes)


Life was so peaceful for Shadow before Chance came along - but he loves him really!

darceydavis.jpg (53300 bytes)


Darcey is such an adorable sweetie!  He's a 12 week old cocker from Devon.

bentleyhiggins.jpg (398689 bytes)


Bentley is a young staffie cross - he's such a sweetie

princessjohnson.jpg (42152 bytes)


Princess Johnson came in for her first injections and charmed us all!










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oscartanner.jpg (40748 bytes)


Oscar is an odorable 10 week old cocker spaniel - just look at that pedigree stare!

izziecavalier.jpg (33535 bytes)


Izzie, the cockerlier (cocker spaniel/cavalier cross) is a seizure alert dog - she informs her owner when her toddler is about to have a fit - and she's brilliant at it, according to her owner.

picklesandchutney.jpg (47831 bytes)


Pickles and Chutney were in the surgery today to get their pet passports - they're going to live in Canada, is Canada ready for this we wonder?

guinesscolclough.jpg (38544 bytes)


Guinness, a 10 week old Lhasa Apso, with his best mate

archiegreen.jpg (41341 bytes)


Archie Green, a very pampered puss!










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harleysmith.jpg (37007 bytes)


Harley Smith -JRTs rule ok!  (not that I'm biased)


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