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Boo was raised as a Miss Boo, until she reached puberty when it was obvious to all that she is a Mr Boo!  Boo is a  house rabbit and he has a delightful nature and, his owner says, no bad habits in the house!

fudgecocker.jpg (22362 bytes)

Georgina, Megan and Sophie are three lucky little girls to have a  cocker spaniel pup, Fudge. 

bladegriffiths.jpg (22849 bytes)

5 month old Blade Griffiths with his dad - what a handsome fellow (you decide which)








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fudgerrard.jpg (25097 bytes)

Fudge with his little friend - terrible twosome!!

sweephowe.jpg (19966 bytes)

Sweep had his second injections on Christmas Eve, so he'll be out playing by the new year!

jimbobbreen.jpg (21756 bytes)

Santa and his little helper Jimbob visited us this afternoon!

bessbyrne.jpg (18394 bytes)

Bess Byrne, 8 week old border collie, giving everyone the cute eye treatment

tesskatharine.jpg (23250 bytes)

Katharine is concentrating very hard on not letting Tess escape!

Tess is a 10 week old English springer spaniel - she is one of the litter pictured below - not sure which though!!








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guscaudwell.jpg (20719 bytes)

A big hug for Gus, the jack russell puppy

tasie.jpg (23425 bytes)

Tasie, with Amelia and Corban.  Impressive ears!

springerpups.jpg (101064 bytes)

springerpups2.jpg (32912 bytes)

Churnet vets competition, how many 8 week old springer spaniel puppies can you fit in a central heating water tank?

answer.jpg (3748 bytes)



By way of explanation, the pups' owner is a central heating engineer and this was the best container to bring the pups to the vets in!  They are looking for homes now, much to the relief of their mum who has done a wonderful job!

springerpups3.jpg (32911 bytes)

Enzo.jpg (19614 bytes)

Enzo,  a 5 month old Hungarian Visla, is partial to a bit of bribery and corruption to make him pose for the camera - just off camera is Mel, holding up a titbit

tinytimbrassington.jpg (21813 bytes)

Tiny Tim is living proof that small is beautiful










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flossegerton.jpg (21673 bytes)

Floss, a year old miniature schnauzer, with her best mate

angelchell.jpg (21328 bytes)

Angel is a cocker spaniel/Cavalier King Charles spaniel cross - double dose of cuteness!

rockyrichards.jpg (21855 bytes)

Rocky Richards is such a handsome fellow!

tillylottie.jpg (16590 bytes)

Tilly 15 weeks, and Lottie, 7 months,  are soooo cute!

sockshurst.jpg (70360 bytes)

Socks Hurst, is a lucky little stray who has found a good home.  Can't think why they called her Socks!!

chrispoppy.jpg (22663 bytes)

Poppy with her best buddy Christopher - there must be lots of fun in that household!









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elsa.jpg (25941 bytes)

Elsa, the retired working bloodhound, is a martyr to her ears in the cold winds on the moors.  She finds this is a very effective way of sorting it.


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