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Twisterhancock.jpg (81340 bytes)


Twister Hancock is a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen - you can tell by that expression that he thinks he's a bit upper crust!

barclaysherwin.jpg (82608 bytes)


Barclay Sherwin is looking very dapper as he sits patiently in the waiting room.

milobradbury.jpg (63050 bytes)


11 week old Milo Bradbury is just SO cuddly - a real bundle of fun!

roguechurch.jpg (82935 bytes)


7 week old Rogue Church had a little run in the other family dog when he tried to help himself to his dinner!  No harm done, just a bit of embarassment with his new headgear.

jackvaughan.jpg (24674 bytes)


Jack's owners, Alison and Jill, describe him as a "dainty greyhound"!  A poodle he ain't!


The Kirk gang - Lilly, Sam and Sweep the dog


How gorgeous is he? 9 week old Bob Belson is in for his first injections.


Roger and Sid Walsh about to go home after their little operations...

finoxborrow.jpg (49350 bytes)


Finn, the bearded collie hoover, was at the vets after eating something which disagreed with him!  He's fit and well now thank goodness

milojeacottsmith.jpg (70083 bytes)


Milo Jeacott-Smith, a grand name for a grand little dog!

anoukduke.jpg (69918 bytes)


Anouk - Northern Innuit, innit

beauparrish.jpg (49065 bytes)


Beau is no pussy cat - he's a stud cat for Angela's British Blue breeding, father of many a kitten.


marleychatfield.jpg (61209 bytes)


Marley Chatfield, a 13 week old ball of fluff!  

friponnephilips.jpg (46481 bytes)

cortexphilips.jpg (52551 bytes)


Friponne and Cortex Philips are Pyrennean sheepdogs, Jack is an Alaskan malamute - that weather really ought to have suited them, but somehow they all looked like they would rather be in front of the fire!

Read more about these dogs and the breeds at



malamutephillips.jpg (53631 bytes)

dextergoodwin.jpg (67675 bytes)


Dexter Goodwin is unbelievably gorgeous - he got 10 out of 10 in his receptionist cuddle test

bertiegrindey2.jpg (14567 bytes)


Bertie is such a handsome miniature long haired daschund

patchandmillie.jpg (53835 bytes)


Patch was so pleased to see Millie when he came with Courtney to take Millie home after her operation

rockychallinor.jpg (50363 bytes)


"Who do you think you're looking at?"  Rocky not impressed with the camera waiting for his appointment

Jack Russells rule ok!

bellajenkins.jpg (84967 bytes)


We are told that Bella can be a monster, but sorry we don't think that can possibly be right!  Bella is a 4 month old designer yorkie-poo.

solotickle.jpg (63127 bytes)


Young Solo Tickle, a 9 week old yorkie, is very much a pampered pooch! 


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