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Chester Slack was more than happy to have his photo taken, unlike his sister Poppy who was far too busy to pose..

Tilly Miller is a cute 4 month old chihuahua

Fergie Peake is SO cuddleable!

I love my new hat, what do you think?

Alfie Mellor is showing off this year's Autumn fashion


Beautiful Charlie Rylands with his equally lovely new chum!

What's new pussycat?  Mitzi Lovatt visiting us for his vaccinations

Rico Lockett is SO cute..

Sidney Woods is a beautiful tabby sealpoint British Shorthair kitten

"No, my name's not Dumbo, I'm Palla Kinson, a beautiful corgi pup!"

"I just need to go home to sleep..." Ozzie Whitehouse after his vaccination

Aah!  Jake Sherratt is an ADORABLE sprocker pup - that is a cross between a cocker and a springer for those of you not in the know!

Ruby Sandbrook loves coming to see us at the vets - she gets treated like the celebrity she knows she is!

Can I help you Kofi?

Rub a dub dub, two pups in a tub!  r  carrier - it wouldn't work for cats though...

Walnut is a 25 year old spur thighed tortoise - we don't see many of those these days!


Megan Smith has a very famous granddaddy - Reuben Hagrid's Fang in Harry Potter!


They say the camera never lies, but, honestly, we are not strangling Louis Mawby!  She is a beautiful 12 week old blue mitted ragdoll.

Bert Pyatt was a very brave boy when he visited us for a microchip and realised that the needle is as big as him!


Pete (yes, Pete, that's the dog) may look like your average terrier cross, but no - he's actually a rare breed called a Plummer terrier. The breed is supposed to be the ultimate ratter - developed by Brian Plummer in the 50s. They are mainly Jack Russell with a dash of beagle and bull terrier, and a touch of fell terrier to give them the red colour. Pete looks like the ultimate killing machine doesn't he?


Rio Barlow is a corgi champ and such a handsome fellow!



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