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fredpotts.jpg (71591 bytes)


One boy and his dog... soon to become inseparable.  Fred Potts is a 9 week old whippet.

tysonbyas.jpg (83125 bytes)


Tyson, a 12 week old Rottie, is a new Churnet Vets friend - his first visit was for his vaccinations, he's not impressed.

Jess_xmas_card_copy[1].jpg (76803 bytes)


Jess was recently rehomed to Barbara, Ray and Katy Garside via Greenfields Greyhound Rescue - 2010 was her lucky year!

murraymcgraw.jpg (80839 bytes)


Murray McGraw is amazing!  His mum says he is a horror but we don't think that's possible..

jojo.jpg (43664 bytes)


JoJo and friend, double trouble...

tilly.jpg (53704 bytes)


Tilly, an amazing whippet pup, was not impressed with her visit to the surgery - they stuck a needle in her, what's that all about??

bobbyaustin.jpg (70481 bytes)


Bobby Austin is a cross lopeared / lionhead rabbit - so cute!

pugsleygunn.jpg (25878 bytes)


Young Pugsley is a cross pug - bull terrier, judging by the size of the paws he's going to be doing a lot of growing...

Two weeks on, Pugsley is cuter than ever, having his obligatory veterinary receptionist cuddle

pugsleygunn2.jpg (69882 bytes)

indiemurphycharlton.jpg (22223 bytes)


Indie, a whippet pup, and Murphy a lurcher waiting for their vaccinations and MOTs

lolagreenhaugh.jpg (23485 bytes)


Lola is a lovely little kitten, full of mischief according to her mum

codybridge[.jpg (19830 bytes)


Cody is a 7 week old retriever pup - he's such a lovely little chap and had two veterinary nurse cuddles (most puppies only get one)

lionheadrabbit.jpg (23200 bytes)


This little lionhead rabbit, as yet nameless, was brought to the surgery for Pat's expert opinion on whether she is a he or a she, and she's a she!!

paddypritchard.jpg (27615 bytes)


Well, it is very cold out there tonight!   Paddy models what every 'up there' westie is wearing these days

ronniereggiewood.jpg (23299 bytes)


Ronnie and Reggie Wood, hopefully not living up to their namesakes...

patchcooper.jpg (29271 bytes)


Patch is a young three month old border collie - he didn't have the best of starts but he's fallen on his feet now!

dieselwood.jpg (78233 bytes)


Diesel is la lionhead rabbit - he's so fluffy it's difficult to see which end's which - the clue is the ears on top!

dorieblakeman.jpg (46446 bytes)


Dorie Blakeman is a very cuddly Japanese Akita pup

bertiegrindey.jpg (172465 bytes)


Little Bertie, a 12 week old wired haired dashchund, is a big character in a little body!!

tilly beresford.jpg (49863 bytes)


Tilly Beresford is a beautiful young whippet

kaizak.jpg (50781 bytes)


Kai, the dogue de Bordeau, and Zak - double trouble!


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