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alfiemeakin.jpg (68816 bytes)


6 week old Alfie Meakin came to see us with his new best friend - they're obviously very bonded already..

maisietickle.jpg (86675 bytes)


11 week old Maisie Tickle is a local lass - born just down the road - her litter mates have all been coming in for their vaccinations. She's full of mischief according to her new mum and dad!

biggles.jpg (99565 bytes)


Biggles to the rescue!  Well, perhaps tomorrow then - feeling a bit shy today!  Biggles is a 9 week old cross Jack Russell and wire haired fox terrier

fluffymawby.jpg (79343 bytes)


Fluffy Mawby is a lively 8 week old, as testified by the family's other cat, Buster!

bellabrindley.jpg (56495 bytes)


Bella Brindley was so impressed with the vets when she had her injections that she went home, fell down the stairs, and came straight back - but no harm done!

IMG_0999.JPG (254176 bytes)


How beautiful is she - one of Tilly Grindey's labrador pups, just a few weeks old

stanleyhales.jpg (66231 bytes)


Stanley Hales was a bit intimidated by his first visit to the vets, but, typical labrador that he is, he was happy to be bribed with treats!

rubysmith.jpg (49421 bytes)


Ruby turned out to be a Reuben it seems.   He turned up on his new owner's doorstep, he's obviously decided that the feral life is not for him...

flairteigandabell.jpg (64543 bytes)


Like mother, like daughter.  Flair Dabell with her pup, Teigan, are Leonburgers

delilahwilshaw.jpg (69507 bytes)


We see all creatures great and small!   Here is Delilah, a young ferret, waiting to see Pat

We have a lot of pets called Delilah, I wonder why that is??

marleyash.jpg (50637 bytes)


Marley Ash was feeling a little car sick when he arrived at the surgery, but with lots of cuddles he will soon feel a lot better

amberkeeling.jpg (48671 bytes)


Amber Keeling will not be short of love and good fun with her new family!

maggiehassall.jpg (65521 bytes)


It's puppy season, hey!  7 week old Maggie Hassall broke our hearts in the surgery!

tillychurchill.jpg (76625 bytes)


Tilly Churchill was a very brave little girl when she had her first injection...

harrysallyroberts.jpg (55482 bytes)


When Harry (the Bassett) met Sally (the femme fatale) it was true love....

jessedge.jpg (87235 bytes)


Lois is a lucky little girl to have such a beautiful puppy as Jess

tillyjolley.jpg (84598 bytes)


Young Tilly Jolley wasn't feeling a jolly Tilly when she came to see vet Emma, but she'll soon be terrorising everyone again!

sallyroberts.jpg (80495 bytes)


Sally Roberts has started many a discussion on what she has in her - ranging from jack russell, border collie, basset hound to name but a few!

nopupgrindey.jpg (78271 bytes)


This little pup has no name as yet, hopefully he will have one by the time he's back for his second injections! 

lottiedavies.jpg (91238 bytes)


Lottie Davies is a big ball of fluff aka soft coated wheaten terrier


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