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These three Stubbs Yorkie litter mates were in for their first vaccinations

Jack Chatfield is a miniature teddy bear, I mean poodle!

Lili Chatfield was in with Jack for her vaccinations

Young Puppy Dugdale having a bit of TLC from Jo after his minor surgery

An indignant Milo Haigh is camera shy!

This is one of the stray ducklings which were brought into the surgery - Debbie went above and beyond the call of duty and took them to Stapeley RSPCA Hospital.

Bichon Frisee Buttons Shingler is still happy despite recovering from a double cruciate operation!

Howie is a 11 week old Leonberger which was delivered by Caesarian Section in the surgery

Bubble, Squeak and Muffin are such cuties

Minkey is a teeny weeny 8 week old Patterdale terrier

Vet buddies!

This little collie pup was in at the same time as Milo.....

Milo Sampson is so adorable!

Mr Sherrat sent us a photo of his pride and joy Kal - king of the mountain!

Archie Shallcross is a 7 month old labradoodle - good to see he's made himself at home!

This gorgeous puppy is a small labradoodle, a miniature poodle cross labrador

A handful of mischief!

Hasn't he grown!  Dawn's puppy Jaspar

This is Sam, Nurse Debbie's old greyhound

This weather suits Katie the Akita


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