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This beautiful six day old pup is a labradoodle, the mother being a labrador and the father a MINIATURE poodle - doesn't do to think about it too much!


Taiya showing off her new best friend, young Archie

Jasper Jones, a 12 week old labrador, visited for his vaccinations

Lexi Griffiths is so fed up, the day started so well...

Eski is a beautiful samoyed - it's all in the eyes!

These two beautiful miniature pinschers are looking so concerned because, as yet, they have no names...

Daisy Carter is proving quite a handful!  She's a 4 month old Schnauzer pup

chocoshirley.jpg (169640 bytes)

Young Choco Shirley is a cross Jack Russell and miniature pinscher, known as a "minnie Jack"

oscarlliff.jpg (151356 bytes)

How cuddly is Oscar Lliff - a beautiful 12 week old cocker

dexrerreeveswinter.jpg (22529 bytes)

Dexter Reeves-Winter is one chilled out seal point!

sampegg.jpg (95745 bytes)


Sam Pegg "roughing it" - he has a hard life!

anniebarker.jpg (48111 bytes)


Look Mummy, I can fly!  Young Annie Barker in the surgery for her second vaccinations

macielawrie.jpg (72447 bytes)


Macie Lawrie can get anything she wants - she just uses those big sad eyes!

louisgrindey.jpg (60715 bytes)


Bertie's got a new playmate, Louis Grindey, a miniature wire haired terrier

remysmith.jpg (69734 bytes)


Don't be fooled by the innocent look in those eyes, young Remy Smith is a terrier after all!!

mazyshirley.jpg (67041 bytes)


We blame Uncle Pat for putting yellow stain in Mazy Shirley's eyes before she had her photo taken!  Mazy is a ten week old bichon frise

tillytabernor.jpg (84401 bytes)


Go on then, what do you reckon? (Tilly is a cockerpoo - a cross between a cocker spaniel and a poodle)

millychandler.jpg (57802 bytes)


8 week old dwarf lop Milly Chandler came for a check up, soo cute!

mistybagnall.jpg (63475 bytes)


9 week old Misty Bagnall is going to be no push over for the family's older cat!

roryrowbotham.jpg (84667 bytes)


Look at the size of those paws!! Rory is a 10 week old cross labrador and golden retriever - he's going to be a big boy but quite laid back judging by the first visit to the vets


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