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Eleanor and her best friend Geiger named -by Eleanor's mum who's a science teacher - after a geiger counter because she whizzes round everywhere!


morpheous.jpg (25354 bytes)

10 week old Morpheous brought her big sister, Tinkerbell, with her for her second injection - strength in numbers!

lolajolly.jpg (22550 bytes)

Little Lola was totally underwhelmed with her visit to the surgery - she slept through it!


charliemaddie.jpg (21621 bytes)

samlittledog.jpg (17118 bytes)

Sam with his Cavalier King Charles spaniels, Charlie and Maddie (opposite).  Above, Sam with his friend "Little Doggy". 

They have all just returned from a caravan holiday and, according to Sam's mum, Little Doggy was the best behaved of the three dogs - "never again" I believe were her exact words!!


rambocolclough.jpg (25977 bytes) Rambo Colclough, a 7 week old Dogue de Bordeaux, having the obligatory veterinary nurse cuddle test from Jo










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maddie.jpg (29215 bytes) Maddie, a cross lurcher/wolfhound with her two best mates, Kieran and Liam
meganmassey.jpg (20348 bytes) Oh boy, double trouble - Emily with Megan, a 6 week old American bulldog
sizzle.jpg (20214 bytes) Young Sizzle wasn't living up to his name when he arrived full of trepidation - but he left happy enough after seeing Pat! 

boltthomson.jpg (22933 bytes)

12 week old Bolt Thomson, in for his first vaccinations and behaved impeccably!

lottieshirley.jpg (19018 bytes)

4 month old Lottie Shirley would melt any heart!








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beau2.jpg (21341 bytes)

Look at me!  I'm only 12 weeks old and I'm already bigger than my mummy!

tobydimmock2.jpg (11801 bytes)

Toby Dimmock, a nine month old Jackadoodle, with his partners in crime!



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ozziesalter2.jpg (21500 bytes)

Parson JRT, Ozzie, has been accident prone in his short life but it hasn't slowed him down

lucywalker2.jpg (21133 bytes)

10 week old Lucy Walker, posing beautifully for the camera

sydneymoore2.jpg (23862 bytes)

Sydney is a nine week old Patterdale terrier, in for his first injections and was subjected to the obligatory veterinary receptionist cuddle test - which he passed with flying colours

spikegibbs2.jpg (18232 bytes)

Young Spike Gibbs was so brave when he had his first injection







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alfiethomasgodwin2.jpg (22630 bytes)

Alfie Thomas Godwin is an eight week old shih tzu/lhasa apso cross

rosieporter2.jpg (12661 bytes)

Rosie is a westie/jack russell cross - her owner says she is a bit of a pain, surely not!!

narlamerlin2.jpg (18718 bytes)

Narla and Merlin visiting for their first injections - refusing to pose for the camera and working out their escape strategy

teddyrushton4.jpg (36661 bytes)

Little Teddy Rushton is so cute, and doesn't he just know it!!







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